Feb 19 2013

Technology in Education Steven Fry’s Top 100 Greatest Gadgets

Technology in Education Steven Fry’s Top 100 Greatest Gadgets

Just this week I saw a documentary of  Steve Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets that identified many Digital Devices on the list, that support Technology in Education. To my amazement what I thought was to be one of the top was rated as number 10, that being the iPad, beaten by the iPod at number 3! So what sort of things were mentioned and why? Stephen referred this list as the importance to what they have done for humanity and stayed away from the dictionary definition of gadgets, commenting that it was “based on a gadget for our purposes”. You can find his definition and other follow up information in this article by Patrice Steen
From Corkscrews to the stapler and vinyl records to calculators! Some of these so called gadgets that have made our world so much easier, things just too easy to use and some just more frustrating than worth the effort. The transistor radio number 12, an invention that has stood the test of time and a major item required for a disaster survival kit. The Walkman at number 38.  These were just an amazing mobile Digital Device, possibly the start of mobile technology. The number 1 gadget that was his stand out was the  lighter, fitting in with the importance that it has had to humanity – “fire with the flick of the finger”.

Technology in Education Today

So as we go through these, think on what impact these really have had for you in supporting and assisting you to complete tasks. Things were invented at a slower pace compared to today. Now day’s children have technology being produced at an alarming rate, no sooner have you purchased one gadget or Digital Device another appears. Have a moment to reflect on the effects this can have and how communication and instant technology appears in the world today, through a global perspective. Check out Stephen Fry’s full list
What would you have thought was at the top and why?

Technology in Education Teaching Suggestions

This is a great teaching opportunity to take further with young children to see how many they identify with. What they can relate to and how much impact that it has had, if any on their life to date. Remember that these children are surrounded by technological armed Digital Devices and gadgets daily. So what would it be like without some of these to integrate Technology in Education today?

No matter how big or small the invention it is “the purpose’ or the reason behind this that’s important. Does the gadget or Digital Device support our needs? Is it necessary to have this or is it a must have? Reflecting through our Technology in Education lens – How many of these could be beneficial to support our children in the future?

Technology in Education Resources

Earlier posts on my Facebook in December 2012, I included these links for reflection which show some examples of what children thought of what was presented to them. Here is one called Kids Try to Figure Out Old Technology,

that has the Game Boy (1989) in it (I still have one of these will loads of games to match, it was my youngest sons he’s now 22!), a floppy disk and record player. This one Kids of Today vs 1980’s Technology (HD) featuring a cassette tape, the Commodore and Atari 2600 in comparison to what the children use today.

The History of Technology in Education reflects how the impact of technology has impacted teaching and learning overtime.

Technology in Education Extra Resources

Further resources to include for a brief look at where Technology in Education has come from and heading in the future.
Apples view of the future from the 1990’s
“The real world is full of all kinds of sounds, actions and colours that turn kids on that really drives curiosity”. “The power is children have the opportunity to connect”. – Apples view of the future.

Future tech in 2015 A futuristic look at where we could head with Technology in Education with Digital Devices. Wouldn’t this be nice, no cords!

How has Technology Changed Our Lives Presentation by students from Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, a Year 10 school project. This is a good visual YouTube, easy format to show young children.

Technology timeline – 1920’s to Present from the invention of television to the advent of advertising, first computers to the internet and the convergence of turning televisions into computers.


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