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Webinar Introduction to Help Your Child Unleash their Inner Genius

Marc Prensky discusses the Importance of Digital Wisdom with Allison Borland

Stop Bullying & Victimization By Changing How we Relate to our Children


Technology in Education Early Childhood Learning is an online global community of parents and teachers of Childcare and Preschool age children. It provides information, discussion and information on how children learn and on how to integrate Technology in Education to help children learn faster.

It allows parents and teachers to express their views and ask questions of an early childhood expert. To get answers on all aspects of how children learn. This is very important in the education process of our young learners. The Blog on this site is there for that purpose. Feel free to leave your comments.


The new information age requires a different set of thinking skills and abilities to the past. Children cannot be left behind, they must start developing the fundamental skills from an early age. If not they will struggle through the rest of their schooling life.

Children are motivated by the use of Technology in Education. It allows them to move beyond the application of the device to analyses information to find the real meaning of their world. If the children are not being engaged, then you as the educator are disadvantaging them.

Why do we integrate Technology in Education? In Day Care, Childcare, Pre Preschool, Preschool and Kindergarten. To support how children learn today!

Technology integration is incorporating the technology tool or digital devices such as Interactive White Boards (IWB). These accommodate multiple learning styles including tactile, audio, and visual in order for children to apply their skills. Other digital devices supporting these needs include iPads, tablets, digital storybooks and more. They enhance learning and foster problem-solving skills. It gives the child a sense of power. Allows for connection, collaboration and creativity that supports’ the child to engage in and utilise their ability for extended learning. This enables them to communicate globally and with diversity, making real-life connections with their world.

The results are that childcare and school will be enjoyable not a struggle. Children will come home happy and can’t wait to get to childcare or school. It will move children to the peak of their learning capabilities and beyond.

The use of Technology in Education for Early Childhood Learning is as much in the hands of parents as it is in educators. Early Childhood Learning is important in the education process of young learners. A child needs to start to develop the fundamental skills from an early age. Technology in Education allows children to express themselves and find the real meaning of their world.

Get Parenting Tips from the above Interview with Robin Grille leading Psychologist & Parenting Educator

This interview by Allison Borland from Technology in Education with Robin Grille leading Sydney psychologist and parenting educator covers a lot of parenting tips. Robin Grille is the author of “Parenting for a Peaceful World” which received international acclaim and “Heart to Heart Parenting”.

The articles of Robin Grille on parenting and child development have been widely published around the world. Drawing from 25 years clinical experience and from leading-edge neuropsychological research. Robin’s seminars and courses focus on healthy emotional development for children and parents, while building supportive, co-operative parenting communities. His work is animated by his belief that humanity’s future is largely dependent on the way we collectively relate to our children.

In this interview Robin talks about the value of education and play and how a child’s behavior is a mirror of how they are treated. Robin discusses how bullying and victimization goes down, children’s natural passions and interest are engaged, learning retention rates are increased – all when play based activities are introduced. He remarks, “All children are scientists and hungry to learn”.


Allison Borland is a trainer in the integration of Technology in Education to Early Childhood parents and teachers. Covering from Day Care, Childcare and Pre Preschool educators to Preschool and Kindergarten teachers. The training is presented via webinars, workshops and as a conference speaker. Allison Borland provides support and mentoring to ensure effective strategies are included within their daily curriculum.

For the past 16 years Allison Borland has worked in the school environment – in Preschool, Prep and Childcare as a classroom teacher. As eLearning mentor supporting teachers to implement strategies to include the use of technology in education within the curriculum. Mast recent as a Client Services Manager and Project Officer in the corporate sector with Education Queensland, having a key focus on the new Australian curriculum.

Allison Borland is the author of three early childhood education eBooks for parents and educators. “Help Your Child LEARN 457% FASTER and Unleash Their Inner Genius!”, “How to Increase Your Child’s Learning and Fast Track Their Way to Success” and “The 7 Steps to Successfully Integrate Technology in Early Learning”.

Although Australian based as a member of ISTE Allison Borland has attended 3 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conferences in the USA. Having presented in 2010 in Denver Colorado. She has personally taken education study tours of Canada and the USA. To study the integration of ICT with a global perspective. Allison Borland is a regular presenter at Queensland Early Childhood Teachers association (ECTA) workshops, conferences and webinars.