Nov 05 2014

Childrens Truancy Versus Real Life Experiences

Children’s Truancy While Travelling As we travelled through Western Australia I’m seeing more families on holidays from across the different states of Australia.  One thing that has been interesting to see is the amount of families taking there children out before the school break. Some a couple of weeks either side, some for a whole term. …

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Jul 23 2014

Communication in Support of Education

Communication  Today Communication as we know today in the 21st century is accelerating at excessive rates. There are new discoveries and adaptions taking place, many gadgets and devices entering the market place on a daily bases. Many brand name products competing for the market of consumers ready to purchase. This is all well and good …

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Jul 21 2014

Protecting Young Children Exposed To Visual Media

Protecting Young Children This article is a bit disturbing to write however needs to be as it concerns protecting young children today and the exposure children have to many things via digital and print media. The difference today being; the instant access, visual representation and the delivery of information available. Parents today need to be …

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Jun 10 2014

Educating Young Children

The Importance Of Educating Young Children As I travel across Australia from Queensland to Northern Territory on my way to Western Australia, my thoughts of educating young children in diverse areas of our country become apparent. Looking at the vast distances between towns and the facilities available, and also lack thereof. I think of the …

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May 23 2014

My First Day at School By Meridith Costain and Michelle Mackintosh- Book Review

For Day At School

My First Day at School by Meridith Costain and Michelle Mackintosh- Book Review My First Day at School highlights the activities and adventures of four children Zack, Amira, Zoe and Ari, experiencing their very first day at school. These children all have very different personalities, wants, needs and desires. It brings together the different experiences …

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May 06 2014

Chasing Shadows By Corinne Fenton- Book Review

Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows By Corinne Fenton Illustrated By Hannah Sommerville – Book Review Chasing Shadows is a book that involves illustration to tell the story and highlights this through observation. With limited text throughout, that is selectively chosen and descriptively positioned, simple yet enough.  A lovely combination of using ‘shadows’ in a conventional way that connection, …

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May 01 2014

Gracie and Josh By Susanne Gervay – Book Review

Gracie & Josh

Book Review Gracie and Josh by Susanne Gervay ‘Gracie and Josh’ is a brilliant book with lots of positivity when life is not always on your side. This story is about resilience, love connection and the power of how children deal with emotions in their own way. It highlights the way children deal with issues …

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Apr 30 2014

Disruptive Technology or A New Way to Love

disruptive technology

Is Disruptive Technology Linked With Love? Technology is changing the way we interact socially today this is looked at as disruptive technology- Is it all Bad? After returning from a recent 5 day “Glamping” trip, observing families and groups along the beach, It was lovely to see the interaction and the connecting happening especially with …

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Apr 29 2014

The Poppy By Andrew Plant – Book Review In Villers-Brentonneux

Book Review The Poppy by Andrew Plant One word that echoes in the book ‘The Poppy’ is memory – ‘Lest We Forget’. On April the 25th 1918, the village of Villers-Bretonneux where Australians fought and were victorious, even though over 1,300 lives were lost. What an incredible, lump in the throat recollection of the courage …

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Apr 28 2014

Young Learners Conference – Technology and Education

Technology and Education

Technology and Education in Early Childhood On the 1st- 3rd of April I attended the Young Learners Conference as chairperson and had the pleasure to introduce international guest speakers and key speakers relating to technology and education. The focus being technology in the early years. The breadth of expertise and knowledge that was shared was …

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