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Jan 29 2014

What Makes Good Early Learning Toys?

early learning toys

What are Early Learning Toys? You only need to visit a toy shop or go online to see the impact of early learning  toys in society today. Toys have been around for centuries. Early learning toys that we see today are still being influenced from years gone by! Spinning tops, dolls, match box cars, etc. …

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Jan 17 2014

TV Guide Connections to Second Language Learning

second language

Second Language Learning and TV Guide Connections? TV guide connections to learning a second language, you may wonder where I am heading with this blog. Today as was reading the paper to see what was on for the week, my eyes couldn’t believe the connection of second language learning and the TV guide. SBS provides …

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Jan 10 2014

Educational Early Learning Toys and Their Worth Today

Early Learning Toys

Looking at Early Learning Toys Educational Benefits It is interesting when we start to look at early learning toys from a different perspective than one of just a toy to play with. As we look closer into what is behind early learning toys we can start to see that they can be educational early years resources, …

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