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Jul 21 2014

Protecting Young Children Exposed To Visual Media

Protecting Young Children This article is a bit disturbing to write however needs to be as it concerns protecting young children today and the exposure children have to many things via digital and print media. The difference today being; the instant access, visual representation and the delivery of information available. Parents today need to be …

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Feb 06 2014

Kids Learning – Social Interaction and Babies Development

kids learning

Social Interaction and Linking Kids Learning In this article we are looking at social interaction and kids learning. The videos with Dr Edward Tronick show a great example of kids learning and their understanding through their communication skills even though the child is very young. It displays a  baby’s social interaction with it’s mother via …

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Nov 26 2013

Parents Use Mobile Technology as an Ally to Develop Children’s Well-Being

Parents Use Mobile Technology as an Ally to Develop Children’s Well-Being by Kyle Albert Based on Alexis R. Lauriucella, PhD’s study, “…the boom in mobile technology has truly become an additional tool in their parenting repertoire not their catchall solution.” Technology has provided parents with an extra hand in molding their children to be bright …

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Dec 12 2012


“The Rules of the Game” package as 4 downloadable eBooks to give you instant access so you can begin to share these with your child on a daily basis. Click image for more info…