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Oct 03 2013

Benefits Of Teaching Second Language In Early Primary School

What’s in a Second Language for Young Children? A recent article in the local paper in Queensland Australia referred to teaching a second language to 6 year olds in Primary School. Well finally we might be getting closer to our global neighbours who actually put a lot of emphasis on this. Many countries have adopted …

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Apr 01 2013

Technology In Education – Holding Them Back Starting School

Is it better Holding Them Back Starting School How early should your child start school or should you be Holding Them Back Starting School? Starting children at school too early could be a disadvantage and the question raised if parents don’t, is this seen as Holding Them Back?  Children’s mind, spirit, social, fine motor, emotional …

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Feb 18 2013

Learning Outcomes in Early Childhood

  Importance of Learning Outcomes Learning Outcomes require being embedded into our planning to be truly effective for both the child, teacher and parent.  Learning for children is achieved overtime through a variety of experiences they encounter. I read an article written by a Luke Touhill and his statement was very valid regarding early childhood …

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Feb 04 2013


Prep children in Australia to have a report card for 2013 We have always been aware as early childhood teachers that their needs to be some way to assess children and their ability to learn and understand concepts. The latest changes that have passed through state government recently have identified this need. There has however …

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