Jan 22 2013


Childcare Centre Activities

A range of balanced programs and activities catering for all ages should be provided for the children to participate in. The children should be given a choice. The programs should be designed to be educational and reflect your child’s individual needs, abilities, interests which will enhance all areas of their development. If your child has particular interests, ask if they provide them. There should be a balance of your child’s day spent on planned programs and free play.

Childcare Centre Balanced Programs

The Childcare Centre must provide a balanced program of indoor and outdoor venue activities and use different skills with enough variety to stimulate your child’s development. The activities should be stimulating, entertaining and appropriate for children of all age groups. The Childcare Centre should have sufficient types of game, toys and equipment that are safe, age appropriate and in sufficient quantity to provide ample learning opportunities for your child and enough variety to make each day interesting.

Childcare Centre Written Skills Program

A written weekly program should be displayed in the Childcare Centre. Look at this and assure yourself that they have activities designed to promote skills in all the major development areas of social and personal learning skills (Group activities), fine motor skills (drawing, painting, modelling clay, building blocks), Health and Physical learning skills (dancing, playing outdoor), Investigation skills that stimulate imagination (role-playing, storytelling, puppet shows), Language learning and communication skills (singing), Critical reflection for learning and development activities that encourage children to think and use logic (puzzles, card and board games).

Childcare Centre Variety of Activities

The Childcare Centre should offer a variety of activities over the course of the day or session. Young children want a choice, as they don’t have sufficient long attention spans. The activities should change from day to day and week to week. As long as the activities are rotated around and new ones are added your child interest will be maintained. Your child should be encouraged to develop their skills at their own pace, in their own way and to learn independence.

Childcare Centre Excursions

Enquire as to what excursions the Childcare Centre, if any has planned (swimming, library, museum, art galleries, and parks). Some Childcare Centres have special guests come in such as Firemen, animal and reptile show guest speakers.

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