Nov 05 2014

Childrens Truancy Versus Real Life Experiences

Children’s Truancy While Travelling Real life experiences

As we travelled through Western Australia I’m seeing more families on holidays from across the different states of Australia.  One thing that has been interesting to see is the amount of families taking there children out before the school break. Some a couple of weeks either side, some for a whole term. This is what I believe is an excellent learning opportunity for them. Real life experiences seeing Australia and being able to understand what lies outside of the towns or cities they live in. As an early childhood teacher and educator I can only see the power of learning unraveling. Real life experiences in everything they do on a daily basis. Whether they are camping, in a caravan or doing a day trip to interesting places. See further links to interesting things that could be cause for extended time away from school. Find out what your role as a parent is when your child needs extended time off school, this link for the UK. Some supportive questions you may like to answer childrens truancy versus real life experience. Do your research and know what your rights are and most of all support your children’s learning journey with a balance.


Real life experiencesTechnology On The Road

Technology can play a major role in capturing the interesting events that happen on a holiday. Real life experiences include technology to capture and researching and recording the experience. One family we met at El Questro had banned their two children from their iPads. I asked why? “Well on our trip across the Nullabour from Victoria the roads had boring parts with no scenery, so the kids were allowed screen time access.” “However when we reached Perth there was lot to see.” One child in prep and the other year 2, who was communicating back to his class via email and sending photos and information. Back in his classroom the students were tracking his holiday journey, calculating distances, learning about different areas of Australia and virtually engaged, such a powerful real life experience! Both for the children travelling and his peers back in the classroom. Maybe in this day and age the education systems can come up with a way of connecting back to the school that is a win win for a child out of school for extended time!


Screen Time Debates Real life experiences

The news continually features the issues of children, screen time and technology use. When will this focus be on the benefits it has for children today instead of the negative impact. We know a balance is required but we also need to prepare children for life that uses technology daily as productive learning. If we don’t support children’s learning with the future in mind we are setting them up for failure. So I suppose a question here would  be what are your thoughts in having children spend time out of school? Do you think they learn more or less and how do you weigh real life learning versus the classroom ? Love to hear your thoughts on these topics.

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