Jul 23 2014

Communication in Support of Education

Communication  Today communication

Communication as we know today in the 21st century is accelerating at excessive rates. There are new discoveries and adaptions taking place, many gadgets and devices entering the market place on a daily bases. Many brand name products competing for the market of consumers ready to purchase. This is all well and good if the products are functioning. What I mean here is do they work in remote areas? Currently on a trip around Australia and we have gone with the company that does better than most in the remote areas, but I have to say if you are not in a town or close by you do not have connection. What is so frustrating more than anything is the fact that I have the latest technology but still need a service and coverage to connect!

Lacking Communication

Surely there is a solution to this for the consumer. I saw a satellite pack in the shop the other day that works in remote areas. If they can sell a pack like this why then can’t we have this with the best devices connection? They say that the technology and communication devices we have could send a man to the moon! Why then can’t they function as a communication system on earth? Traveling up the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory I see many a tower, once used to connect our beloved phones. But I have heard that these have been decommissioned. So what have they put in place, satellite?

21st Communication In Education

So where does this leave communication for 21st century education, especially in remote areas. In another article The Importance of Educating Young Children I talked about the school of the air. The classrooms as big as 800,000 kilometres They connect through radio on a UHF frequency. So guess what? We have that too with external antennae in our 4WD. But this we have for safety purposes to connect on the road as we travel. It has been interesting to date on our trip only spoken to 2 people, one for a radio check and one asking about the pies in the next town! Getting back to communication in education today we have the outback doing all they can to include technology as a means of sharing, showing and engaging in their unique classrooms. And I am sure would love to be able to connect using the latest 21st century inventions. Then on the other hand we have city classrooms that have all the access to these unique and quite out there devices to support children to engage and connect with the outside world, that sadly some have rules and regulations that do not allow them to use even mobile phones within their lessons!

What Is the Answer For Communication In Education? communication

So what I can see is a  disconnect in communication happening for both areas in remote and city education. It is time more than ever to provide all children with the skills and knowledge so they are armed with the understanding about the world they live in. So I think that Governments need to place a value on this for the future and look further than what is immediate and provide a plan for this in the future if we are to have communication in education fair for all children.

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