Mar 22 2013

Day Care Centers Health & Safety Check List When Choosing

 Day Care Centers Health & Safety

When choosing Day Care Centers or a Childcare Centre for your child observe and ask questions of staff on their Health & Safety policies. Observe if children appear to be unclean, sick and unhappy. If so, this is a sure sign something isn’t been controlled by the Day Care Centers management.

Ask what happens if your child becomes sick, has an accident or is hurt while in the Day Care Centers care?  Is there a comprehensive and accessible first aid kit in the Day Care Centers rooms? Ask how many staff have first aid qualifications to administer first aid and CPR and are they available at all times?  What policy is in place for this?

Day Care Centers Accident Notification Procedure

Ask how the Day Care Centers polices operate in the case of an emergency such as an accident or illness to your child. What procedures are in place to document any such accidents or illnesses? How will you be contacted and advised if your child becomes sick or has an accident? What action will you be required to take? If it is an accident requiring medical treatment from a Doctor will you be required to come and take your child? If you are unavailable, will someone from the Day Care Centers staff take your child to a medical center or hospital?

Day Care Centers Hygiene Policies

If the Day Care Centers floors, walls, furniture and even its outside driveway and garden area are dirty this can be an obvious sign that you should keep looking as normal hygiene standards are most likely lacking. Look at the toys, play equipment, dress up clothes, books, bed linen and other items that require daily washing and or disinfecting. Check the toilets, sinks and baby change areas to see if they are clean. If they are not clean the Day Care Centers hygiene policies if any, are not being enforced. The children will be more likely to become sick from cross spread of infections.

Day Care Centers Medication Policies

Make sure you ask and understand what permission and authority the Day Care Centers staff require to be permitted to administer medication to your child and if the center will administer such medication.

If your child suffers any food allergies or intolerances you must establish how the center copes with this and are you comfortable with their policies. Discuss with management your child’s medication needs for their specific illness.

Day Care Centers Sun Protection Policy

Enquire if the center has a Sun Protection policy and what that requirement encompasses. When the children go out in a sunny area to play are they required to wear hats? Do the center staff rub sun block protection on the skin of exposed parts of the children?


Day Care Centers

Health & Safety Checklist

All Day Care Centers and Childcare Centres are not the same. There are many important factors in choosing that we have posted in this forum. Some are more important than others to you. The Day Care Centers Health & Safety policies should be high on your list as it will affect the health and well being of your child during their entire stay. If the Day Care Centers clean this will ensure you peace of mind and help your child be less at risk, while attending their allocated days at the center.

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