Apr 30 2014

Disruptive Technology or A New Way to Love

Is Disruptive Technology Linked With Love? disruptive technology

Technology is changing the way we interact socially today this is looked at as disruptive technology- Is it all Bad? After returning from a recent 5 day “Glamping” trip, observing families and groups along the beach, It was lovely to see the interaction and the connecting happening especially with young children. Don’t get me wrong, there was also a noticeable presence of disruptive technology, no conversations, people connecting in another way with others, although they had the company with them. Although from the outside this appeared distant and non social, sometimes are we to critical to each situation? I for one had no idea the conversations that were taking place, but purely from observation they all appeared a disconnected!

Disruptive Technology Is Part of Today’s Changing World

This was not just happening with young people many of the elderly were engaged as well in disruptive technology as well! So how and what can we do to make people connect, have quality time and engage in social interaction between the people that are together? How can we align the disruptive technology and social interaction between people?
On observing more closely and moving from the disruptive technology what I did see is was ‘love’. You could see it and feel it, quite an unusual feeling as families connected in their own way. The occasional eye contact, the touching embrace of children and their parents, the laughter, the reactions, all very different but it was there.

 disruptive technologyLove Is A Powerful Family Bond

After losing my mum just 6 months ago, the person who I loved, my best friend, partner and soul mate, I actually felt sad. But memories are so powerful and a huge part of our lives, from my inner being I was comforted by the fact that ‘love’ is a very powerful part also; to feel love, to be loved and to give love. Yes our relationship had disruptive technology in it as well, but it was also a connector for us. I had bought mum an iPhone and iPad so she could interact with me and my work more closely and bring her into the new adaption’s that were taking place daily.
Many children don’t get this ‘real love’ when they are young or even when they are born. It is the bond that is needed, the connection, so young children can continue on their own journey. So what if a child doesn’t receive ‘love’? How does that child go through their adult life? What and how can they change to give, receive and support the love for others? Well some can and do challenge what is like for them and as they shape their own family they are conscious and make the effort to provide and break the mold. But sadly some can’t, so the never ending circle begins with another family lacking the love in theirs. Resulting in young children once again being bought up without it! Technology as we know is just a tool or device and a very powerful one at that, there are many to choose and use. It is a part of us today in everything we do, but a caution that it doesn’t stop the interactive love that humans need to grow and develop. So therefore a balance is required.

Love Combined With Disruptive Technology Is the Big Challenge

So the challenge lies within us to adapt, change, work on the challenge to make a difference, not only for ourselves but for the future. Disruptive technology is a part of the new love we have today but it connects us, so maybe there is reason when we observe others busily texting face timing, chatting , intagraming, Facebooking and tweeting that each one is doing what they ‘love’! So families can begin to adapt to the needs in support of love. It makes the world go round when we can express love to each and everyone and work towards a more connected loving relationship on so many levels, to embrace this further into the community can only lead to a more harmonious future. LOL, #Love. disruptive technology

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