Jun 10 2014

Educating Young Children

The Importance Of Educating Young Childreneducating young children

As I travel across Australia from Queensland to Northern Territory on my way to Western Australia, my thoughts of educating young children in diverse areas of our country become apparent. Looking at the vast distances between towns and the facilities available, and also lack thereof. I think of the difficulty it must be for these families on a day to day basis. The size and distance between neighbors on cattle stations and then the access that they have to other services which are not always nearby. Other elements come in to play as well when educating young children and sometimes the elements can disrupt the plan that families have to cater for this.

Supporting Families Through School Of The Air

So how do these families communicate today? As we know we have the technology, but unfortunately not as effective in between the distances of townships? Outback Australia is quite a desolate place so communication is a high priority for families to consider when educating young children. So thankfully for these families they have the “School of the Air” to support the thousands of children and it’s just incredible. So far on this trip I haven’t been able to manage the time to see them in action from a town; however some years ago the pleasure of calling had in Katherine School of the Air.
So how does this type of education system work for educating young children? And why is educating young children so important? What value are the families of remote communities placing on this? Well Literacy & Numeracy and general knowledge make up a base for educating young children as engaged and proactive citizens. They access the Australian curriculum documents as a package of lessons and are supported via radio communication. The focus is on teaching and skilling children though basics of knowledge and understanding. So they can converse with others and have a key understanding of the world around them. This is paramount in supporting them to be active citizens.

Parents Role Is Crucial In Remote Areas

educating young children

educating young children

Parents teach by educating young children with key concepts in the outback, with the knowledge first of survival, safety and most importantly the value of a family. If they didn’t focus on these areas it would be extremely difficult for them to function. School of the air then provides a recipe to support the other important skills and knowledge require for educating young children to have a breadth of knowledge supporting interaction, how and why things operate and work and the base of sound educational building blocks for learning. Ensuring that all young children no matter where they live in Australia are literate having a good grounding for learning.

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