May 01 2014

Gracie and Josh By Susanne Gervay – Book Review

Gracie & JoshBook Review Gracie and Josh by Susanne Gervay

‘Gracie and Josh’ is a brilliant book with lots of positivity when life is not always on your side.

This story is about resilience, love connection and the power of how children deal with emotions in their own way. It highlights the way children deal with issues in the real world and turn them into a fantasy with a positive spin! It also shows the strength and character of a child (Josh) who has a terminal illness and even though he understands this fully, he supports his sister (Gracie) through his journey with his unique character and creativity, such a special individual.
It is an amazingly crafted book for both children and adults to enjoy, unpacking the rollercoaster of life, bringing in the good and the difficult. The bond that a family has, especially siblings brings strength and resilience and shows that all things are possible to achieve if you have faith in yourself and others.
Young children if allowed can deal with extremely difficult circumstances if supported. Their experiences develop as they tackle the many obstacles of life. It is from these experiences they make connections to deal with life’s challenges. This book shows this very well. Bringing a well known traditional poem-song-story of Incy Wincy Spider or Gracie’s words- ‘dincy mincy’! A fun action rhyme that is familiar to children and adults across the globe.

Gracie & JoshThe illustrations by Serena Geddes are unique and specifically crafted making a difficult topic come to life in the most appealing  and thoughtful way. Congratulations to Susanne and Serena for a truly amazing children’s book. Endorsed by Variety, the children’s charity helping children live life to the fullest. It is no doubt that Susanne Gervay has won the order of Australia and the Lady Cutler Award for Distinguished Services to Children’s Literature. A heart warming read. Teachers Notes

Gracie & JoshPublished by: Ford Street

ISBN: PB 9781921665851 HC 9781921665-844

Publication date: March 1 2013

RRP: Paperback AUD$16.95 Hardcover $26.95

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