Feb 06 2014

Kids Learning – Social Interaction and Babies Development

Social Interaction and Linking Kids Learning

kids learning

In this article we are looking at social interaction and kids learning. The videos with Dr Edward Tronick show a great example of kids learning and their understanding through their communication skills even though the child is very young. It displays a  baby’s social interaction with it’s mother via an controlled experiment. This was carried out for the purpose of identifying connection and communication and how a baby socially interacts. You can quickly see what the baby experiences from both the positive encouraging feedback, to a non- responsive behaviour between adult and child. How quickly does this baby understand what has once been a positive and fun experience for her, change to a negative experience. This baby pulls out all the learning and understanding she knows to try and change the response from the mother. This is so powerful! Kids learning is developed at the earliest stages with the connection and the experience they have with their parents. As you will see these learned experiences play a vital role in a child developing early communication.This they know as survival.

Kids Learning, Their Development and Social Interaction

When you look at the section discussing  the Good, the Bad and the Ugly expressed by Dr Tronick, it is really interesting the points that are made in relationship to the experiment. Here is a brief explanation of these in relation to kids learning.

The Good – “Is the normal stuff that goes on that we all do they are kids’.

The Bad – ” The bad is when something bad happens but the infant can overcome it. After all when you stop the still face experiment the mother and the baby start to play again”.

The Ugly – “The ugly is when you don’t give the child any chance to get back to the good”.

These highlight what kids learning requires for a balanced approach when social interaction is a technique that all young children need to develop as part of their survival mechanism.


Still Faced Experiment


You can view whole story here – Developmental Science at UMass Boston


Kids Learning is Critical in Their Development

Kids Learning is all about their social interaction with their parents. The connection for kids learning is clearly evident in this experiment as shown in the videos. Young children have the ability to understand from the experiences they encounter. What a powerful message. For further reading on this topic you can access here.

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