Oct 01 2013

Legoland Hotel – Tactile Tools Versus Technology

Legoland Hotel – Bricks of Fun! Legoland Hotel

An article by Christopher Reynolds in ‘The Gulf Today” (Dubai Newspaper) was an interesting read. He had just recently taken his family to the Legoland Hotel that opened early April. He described it as ‘Kids – Centricity’ 250 rooms on 3 levels, rooms with kids safe full of toy treasures, kids TV and bathroom – with approximately 8 Lego models in the rooms, to capture each of the themes on each floor level of the hotel. These included and Egyptian theme – a Kingdom, a Pirate theme – Adventure etc.
Christopher commented; “The Legoland hotel is a great big box of wonder and fun. In my first eight waking hours at the hotel, I didn’t see a single kid turn to an electronic device for amusement. I saw scores of kids and parents sharing discoveries and making things together. I also saw lots of easy interaction among families. It’s like a rec-center playground in a ritzy neighborhood – you had to spend the night”.

Combine Digital Tools & With Attractions Like Legoland Hotel

In reflecting on this comment I have a few thoughts to add here. Digital tools and devices do also support children’s learning experiences today. Children need to understand how they can learn through 2D and 3 D experiences, learning computer or mobile device learning and also through play – based manipulative objects, such as Lego blocks. Children learn best when they can apply both to learning and really capture an understanding to consolidate their learning and ability to apply a perspective of how things operate.

Legoland Hotel Experience + Digital Technology Balance

The Legoland Hotel has provided a great children’s learning environment but children today also need to learn to apply processes in the digital technological world they are growing up in. Have a balance of traditional play based learning skills. It is from this they truly capture learning experiences at their best. As they explore and experience these moments with their parents. They can capture positive learning and role model, explore on their own and make their learning experience fun and enjoyable.
It’s all about the connection and a balance that you as a parent provide for your own children.

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