Nov 26 2013

Parents Use Mobile Technology as an Ally to Develop Children’s Well-Being

Parents Use Mobile Technology as an Ally to Develop Children’s Well-Being by Kyle Albert Technology in education

Based on Alexis R. Lauriucella, PhD’s study, “…the boom in mobile technology has truly become an additional tool in their parenting repertoire not their catchall solution.” Technology has provided parents with an extra hand in molding their children to be bright and successful individual, which is contrary to common belief that it’s utilized to babysit the kids. In this post, we’ll feature how you, as parents, can use mobile  innovations for your parenting needs.

Tool for Educational Bonding Moments

Spending time with the children with the use of mobile gadgets is important for any parent. However, Northwestern University, reported that “joint media engagement” is only popular with younger children but slowly decreases, as the child gets older. Staying involved in their digital life can be as simple as planning activities that you can do together.

“Capture every moment,” this simple but powerful statement on O2’s HTC One page caught our attention. One of the ways that you can bond with your older children is by capturing every moment you spend together. If your child shows a good eye for photography, you can help develop their skills by asking the child to become the “official family photographer.” You can even take this activity one-step further by organizing an educational themed photo hunt for the entire family. Another approach is by recording videos of your children. Play a game similar to their favorite TV game show and if you have a blog, you can share a snippet as VLOG (video blog) entry. Don’t forget that apart from these fun activities, you can also offer your assistance to your children if they need to find resources for schoolwork. Share with them your best practices regarding safe searching on the internet as well as shortcuts to get results that are more accurate.

Monitor Your Children’s Health

It’s only natural for parents to worry about the state of their children’s health. Inventors have designed numerous devices to help you do just that. Pixie Scientific developed the smart diaper which, according to the website can tell you if your child needs medical attention. Simply scan the front side of the used diaper and get updates on your phone.  However, just bear in mind that this does not replace a professional’s medical advice. If you think, your child needs a check-up, consult a pediatrician asap.

Rewards Reinforce Good Behavior and Boosts Self-Confidence

Coping with rules can be taxing on any child. In order to reinforce their positive attitudes, you can reward them with extra time on their favorite game. Another way to encourage continuity is by allowing them to download an app that caters to their hobbies and interests.

These simple methods can produce positive results when done wisely. Smart devices and other technological innovations are just tools, quality time with the family is the the most important gift you can give to a child.

Technology in Education

How do you incorporate technology into your parenting style? How effective are they? Share your stories with us.

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