Dec 11 2013

Play and Technology – Supporting Early Childhood Growth and Development

The Technology TodayPlay and Technology

In the current age that we are living in, technology has already become an important component in our lives. Day after day, new gadgets are being introduced in order to make our lives better and easier. There are also gadgets that are consistently being updated or upgraded engineered to match every user preference. However, there is a better reason why the technology today is very important and that is to enhance play and learning for children, as well as improvise early childhood development through play with technology.

Play and Technology – Different Mediums for Learning

There are lots of learning mediums when it comes to play and technology. These technologies help children to learn things in a new perspective as well as further guide them towards instructive, manipulable, and constructive learning. You can further refer to this Blog about the learning capabilities of digital devices: Digital Devices What Is Acceptable Technology for Toddlers & Young Children? To continue, here are the different mediums for learning today:

Computer in the Day Care Center

Having computer systems in the Day Care Center enable teachers to properly demonstrate new lessons, present new learning materials, exhibit educational programs usage, and much more. The learning aspects of the computer based from the teacher’s guide lessons is already play and learning.

The Use of Mobile Technology

This includes the use of smartphones, tablets, and mobile PCs. The mobile technology provides children with tons of daily educational applications that they can incorporate in their play activity. Starting 6 months or so, parents can already discover free and or paid apps to cater to their child’s learning needs.

Digital Games

The digital games have already been a great educational companion for children. Studies shows that digital games help support early childhood growth and development by way of increasing motivation level towards learning due to great play platform, as well as encourage them to be cooperative with other youngsters as well.

Online Media

These are steamed video websites that can help children with lessons and interaction. Parents can provide their child with different types of play-based videos specific to age group such as Disney Junior, Nick Junior, programs etc.With these amazingly new concepts of learning for your children, there are always some limitations when using play and technology at the same time. The key aspect here is to effectively “Manage” the screen time of your children. Just like what this blog explained: Screen Time and Balancing Experiences with Children Daily. We do not want to divert play and learning to monotonous fun and pleasure only, we want it to be engaging, fun and at the same time stimulating. New technological concepts in the field of education enhance a child’s cognitive learning due to its interactivity and interface as well.

Supporting Early Childhood Growth and Development with TechnologyPlay and Technology

Sometimes we may see technology as rather a complex idea to incorporate in the learning aspects of our child. However, various innovators and educators continuously strive hard to come up with the best tool for play and children, as well as mixing fun and pleasure with childhood growth and development. The play and technology is deemed to be a valuable asset in a child’s life. As parents, we must ensure that they are well-supported with the right play materials for the right age group: Play and Learning – The Different Age Groups and Types of Play. Never stop your children from exploring and always provide them with the best play and technology, and learning experience as a way to support early childhood growth and development. Setting them up with sound foundations of learning in the 21st Century.

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