Jul 21 2014

Protecting Young Children Exposed To Visual Media

Protecting Young Children protecting young children

This article is a bit disturbing to write however needs to be as it concerns protecting young children today and the exposure children have to many things via digital and print media. The difference today being; the instant access, visual representation and the delivery of information available. Parents today need to be more in tune with how society is facing issues and what as a collective group we can do to support protecting young children. I recently read this article “Kids Act Out Porn Abuse” Emily Moulton. The Sunday Times WA, 13th July direct link unavailable, however this can be viewed here page 13 News. Another article written by Professor Freda Briggs of the University of South Australia was discussed in the article and also a good read to see what is happening with preschoolers today. Safe4Kids Director Holly-Anne Martin commented “that the inability of young minds to process adult content generally left them traumatised, but in some cases led them to acting out what they saw”. I was numb after reading what young children are exposed too. The concern is how they are exposed to the information. So for you to start to look into this topic access the links and it will give you an insight into what is becoming a major concern for raising young children.

What Can You Do As A Parent Today?

So what can be done in protecting young children and what can governments do to help? When I was in childcare over 17 years ago, children definitely weren’t acting out sexually descriptive play. Yes there were the occasional boys and girls comparing differences and these were intercepted and gently dealt with. Including follow up  with children’s parents as to the event. Just as much as anything that happened in a preschool/prep day.
My concern is today how will these acts and events that are explicit in the article be addressed and handled? How will these children be supported? And how can parents be educated for the rest of their life in protecting young children?

What Children See Children Do

The way children copy what they see adults doing and eventually if they see a pattern it becomes the accepted norm. As a child they do not have the maturity to distinguish it as not normal behaviour. The younger child will discuss things with their parents and question things – the “why” as it is part of their process to learn. When they get older they feel a sense of being naughty watching it without their parents’ permission.
The free availability of pornography to young age children could create a more permissive society of teenagers in the future. Children as young as 3 years are exposed to and are watching this and it is ridiculous!

Answers To Protecting Young Children protecting young children

My articles have always reflected the benefits of young children- early literacy and numeracy skills, benefits for young children to learn a language, the value of play based learning and most of all how young children need the time to explore, engage and create for the well being of the ‘whole’ child. This news article has made me quite sick to my stomach as I know these young children are so vulnerable. We need to do something fast and protect the future of our up and coming generation. Please forward and share this article to parents of young children you know!

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