Sep 23 2013

Screen Time For Kids Maths Apps in Preschool

screen time for kidsScreen Time for Kids

When we look at screen time technologies, especially screen time for kids, that are front and center in most discussions from educational perspective to parental concern. It is a topic that still needs further research and tracking to ensure that what is happening today in children’s learning is what is best for the child.
A core learning area of Math that is connected to the use of apps and other computer games makes the learning for preschool children fun and engaging. But are they actually learning or are they more engaged in the digital device? These questions are always a concern and how this is monitored and what is the intention by providing this type of stimulus is of benefit to the child.

This recent article by Lisa Guernsey in New American Foundation blog posts, makes you question the challenges we need to face when supporting learning for young children that includes screen time for kids. She particularly makes mention of research into maths apps that we need to think about, which variables we’re controlling, introducing and aiming to answer, to truly find out what contributes to children’s learning. The debates to whether apps are needed to be included in a preschool program. Stating “Are iPads to be seen as “screens” alone or are they, for example, containers for portable board games or vehicles for personalized teacher training”. So food for thought as a parent that needs further investigation. In previous blogs I have written explain a little further to screen time for kids and that any device is just a tool for learning. Real learning is the process a child goes through and the device is just the delivery method.

screen time for klidsWe are well aware as educators and parents that technologies are drastically changing the lives of children today. We need to however work out how best to support this challenging 21st century influence and the influence that screen time for kids has. There still needs to be a balance of play-based learning that includes both screen time for kids and also screen time free play to ensure they are supported through every development process that can support guide and prepare them for the future when they leave school.



Research in Support of Screen Time for Kids Apps

This short video clip is worth viewing featuring Christine Zanchi Director of Digital Strategy WGBH Educational Foundation. Next Generation Preschool Maths provide multiple opportunities for learning, from tablet apps to non-digital games and hands on activities, to real world learning for preschoolers’.

screen time for kids

Supportive Resources Assisting Screen Time for Kids

These readings can help support your understanding of how today’s learning is changing the lives of your child, but also how as a child you learns.
I would love to hear your feedback in this blog  to get a feeling of what your thoughts are on this and share this as a community of parents and educators who are concerned for the child surrounded by all the technology. Learning through technology can be a social experience, when the technology is intentionally designed for it. I leave you with this video to watch and develop your own direction and stance on screen time for kids in learning and development.

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