Jul 02 2013

Screen Time and Balancing Experiences with Children Daily

How to Best Use Screen Time

Supports previous article on screen time benefits –  Puerto Rican Child Learns Second Language Watching Sesame Street

Screen Time

Screen Time

This article discusses Screen Time for young children and how by applying good television shows that are specific to young children, can support their learning of literacy and numeracy.

Pieces of the article – Balancing Experience with Children Daily written by Claudia Torrens talks about the new character that will appear on Sesame Street on the 16th September this year (2013)

Here’s a little part from the article. In 1971 Maria (Sonia Manzano) and Luis (Emilio Delgado) debuted on Sesame Street with Rosita ( the turquoise monster) who joined in 1993 with Mexican puppeteer Carmen Osbahr. The new show is to reflect and expand population changes where Hispanic’s are the fastest growing minority. ‘Mando’ will make his debut on the 44th season of Sesame Street.

Screen Time and Digital Devices

This article is a positive direction for Screen Time and digital devices for children to experience consolidated learning that positions children with learning language and communication skills that will support them in the future.
When Screen Time or digital devices are used to support a child to learn this will then provide them with and engaged way to learn specific skills – the experience for a child is the key to unlock their potential.

So definitely looking forward to see the new changes coming on board in Sesame Street in the near future. If you missed the blog discussing how Ismael Cruz landed a job of his lifetime, after being raised on the TV show Sesame Street, (click on the blog link) it is truly a positive happy ending to a child that once learnt English via the Screen Time he had as a child. This is what I call positive parenting!

What Television Shows Add Value to Children?

If we view the types of television shows today that are available to young children we must begin to take a stand and identify what ones add value to children as a learning experience. As a parent you need to ensure that you have viewed these shows to really understand what benefit that they provide.Today with the development of the digital technologies there are many new types of shows that really do not have any educational value. Educational value is measured on the learning and the experience that helps a child to learn and understand a message that will support them in the future. It is the messages that are relayed in live television that can effect a young child. These can be both positive and negative and can leave lifetime impressions, so do your homework!

Choose Most Beneficial Screen Time

The period of Screen Time is not fixed for a certain child’s age. It is up to you as a parent to choose your child’s screen time that will add a learning outcome depending on what stage of development they are and what devices they are using.


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