Mar 04 2014

Stranger Danger For Kids

The Importance of Stranger Danger For Kids Sranger Danger for Kids

With the birth of technology stranger danger for kids is number one priority. Parents of young children have never before had to ensure that their children are both safe in the online world as the natural world! In Australia many cases of abductions are climbing in numbers to our global partners. So as these numbers  increase so does parental concern. As I write this article I feel for the Morcombe family as they enter another week in court for the abduction and murder of their son Daniel Morcombe. These parents unfortunately had to endure this pain. This however through their courage has fortunately for other families in Australia, especially Queensland, provoked them to set up the Daniel Morcombe Foundation  in support of stranger danger for kids and parents.Today because of their commitment this is part of the curriculum taught in schools.

Technology Plays and Important Role for Stranger Danger in Kids

Technology can play a major role in supporting stranger danger for kids. With today’s new innovations developing so quickly we now are moving into wearable technology. Companies now are focus on consumer needs and flexibility of lifestyle when creating products.  One thing that is important to consider with stranger danger for kids is a  child’s location, safety and knowing exactly where they are 24/7, especially young children and teens. Parents want peace of mind today. They already have plenty to worry about with educating their child today in many other areas. So if part of ensuring children’s safety came with this in mind, that would support parents when stranger danger for kids could be managed.

New Age Products That Support Peace of Mind

Stranger Danger for KidsAs technology changes pace so rapidly today, we see new products launched and many applications being promoted. Wearable technologies are ones to consider when it comes to parental peace of mind with stranger danger for kids being such an issue. Let’s look at a product called tictoctrack. The tictocktrack is a GPS enabled watch for young children to allow parents to receive an emergency message on demand. Now this is just a device, but the application is 21st century in its ability to track your child and record when and where they are and also for the child to raise an SOS if they are unsafe is unique. Education for children is paramount as a product on it’s own will not do the job effectively without it. So with any new product find out what you need to do to ensure stranger danger for kids is understood. Some important resources can be located online and Pinterest has some guides that can help you further with the online world.


Technologies, Fear Factors and Spying Stranger Danger for Kids

We all have many concerns and fear with technologies that target specific needs. If we look at specifically why this device can support stranger danger for kids and lessen the parental stress this device then has merit. Knowing where and why your child goes to places is certainly good information to know…is this spying?….Kids are kids they do things that kids should all do. We as parents worry and that’s a majority of what we do when we have children. We have as parents grown up in a different generation, not as ‘cotton wool’ as these children today. This world today is volatile, dynamic, instant and very much digitized, the world that our ‘Digital Natives’ know and understand. We as parents on the other hand are balancing our own upbringing and today’s world and juggling the two. For further reading ideas check out my latest eBook to support children today to get a better understanding on the topic.

Stranger Danger for Kids Monitored

So here’s the thing! If a product supporting stranger danger for kids could provide not only a tracking application to give you the peace of mind, would this be a benefit for you and your child? Something that you need to determine both personally and for the safety of your children. Other ideas to support stranger danger for kids and other safety topics are available at the istaysafe website through safety eBooks for children 3-7 years old. These encourage a child to develop their own safety barometer and allows a child to connect through these best safety eBooks. So each individual child understands the importance of why safety is the key. As a parent it is our duty when we bring children into this world to provide the necessary shelter food and clothing along with a safe educated environment for their future.

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