Mar 10 2014

Technology and Education- Futuristic Approach to Learning

What’s New in Technology and Education Technology and Education

I just spent time at a one day conference for the entrepreneurs Institute where new and emerging technologies that could support technology and education to include trends in the market were unpacked. The interesting thing is that where all this is going and where will it impact within education institutes for technology and education combined. The technology growth is moving at such a pace and what is being developed today is being superseded tomorrow or at least in the next few years! Last year I wrote an article on 3D printing and the new developments but what I will share with you now are the changes that have been occurring in 3D printing and wearable technologies since. It would be interesting to see if any schools have taken this technology and used this within their curriculum.

3D Printing Supporting Technology and Education

The power that 3D printing can bring into support technology and education as a learning tool is endless. From just  12 months ago to now the increased benefits that 3D printing can provide are exceptional.They are currently able to print prosthetics incredible creating happiness for the well-being of others and body organs called Bio-printing.This is something that we will see in the future and be a huge part of day to day life. Just amazing that we can use technology for the better!

Wearable Technology and Education a Combined Purpose Technology and Education

Wearable technology With wearable technology taking the center stage as well we are beginning to see some dynamic technologies that support us in our everyday endeavors, that have a need to be in technology and education. What is great to see are products helping and supporting us in health & well being, safety & security and wealth and happiness. All areas that can benefit from the growth in the development of technology.

Is Education and Technology Connecting As One Today?

Technology as Marc Prensky states; What our children need to learn for the future is, to an enormous degree, different than what we are teaching now”. It is all about equipping them around digital wisdom which is all about how our brain is being extended by technology today. We know children are learning but are they learning the skills to survive that involve collaboration, connection and real-life understanding? To be able to function within the Technological Era we are in today and having education institutions still operating in the Industrial Era, makes this a challenge. But a very doable one if we all get on the same page and that is to help support our young children to learn and connect in our global world. Provide technology safety experiences and teach them how to do this. As a parent you are as much if not the ones that play a huge role in your child’s educational learning journey. Your voice is a powerful one when you can influence how you would like your child to be educated now and in the future. Find out more in how you can support your child today. Link here to my eBook to learn more. Watch this space over the next 12 months as we start to see the influence on technology and education trends and where we are heading in the not too distant future.

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