Apr 29 2014

The Poppy By Andrew Plant – Book Review In Villers-Brentonneux

Book Review

The Poppy by Andrew Plant Villers-Brentonneux

One word that echoes in the book ‘The Poppy’ is memory – ‘Lest We Forget’. On April the 25th 1918, the village of Villers-Bretonneux where Australians fought and were victorious, even though over 1,300 lives were lost.
What an incredible, lump in the throat recollection of the courage of our Australian soldiers, along with their allies – the Britons, Canadians, South Africans and New Zealanders . What they endured to protect the invasion of France by the Germans. The village of Villers-Bretonneux was under attack but became one of the greatest victories in Australia, thanks to our soldier’s sacrifices.
Villers-BrentonneuxThis village has unique bonds and connections that is shared in the book and documents the strength and collaboration between two communities and countries that are worlds apart. These connections have unanimously inspired each other from the devastation. After the village was rebuilt Australians from Melbourne and Victoria adopted the village school. It was the support of the Australian school children that helped raise the funds to re build their school. Through this successful project they united with strength and pride and the bond between France and Australian lives on today – a bond not to be broken. Who was to know that in 2009 with the devastating bushfires in Victoria that their connection was truly shared?
The author Andrew Plant has captured the depth and heart in his story that only inspires you as you read this incredible book. A true story capturing history, sadness and involving the support of our heroic and passionate Australian soldiers. The nicely positioned illustrations are vibrant and capture the true nature of the area known as Villers-Brentonneux. This semi-documentary style book with reference page of events, highlight the facts that took place on that fateful day. With a reminder for all N’Oublions Jamais l’Australie – Never forget Australia. Villers-Brentonneux
A book that needs to be in every school in Australia and be a major part of school curriculum now and in the future!

Teachers notes available on the Ford Street Publishing website.

9781925000313 (hardcover)
Publication date:
March 2014 (hardcover)
July 2014 (paperback)
Extent: 32 pages
Format: Portrait
$26.95 (hardcover)
$16.95 (paperback)
Category: Historical Non-fiction
Age guide: 9+

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