Unleash The Inner Genius In Your Young Child That School Can’t

UNLEASH The Inner Genius In Your Young Child



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Unleash Your Childs Inner GeniusIf you are a parent or grandparent of a young child this eBook is for you. It’s packed full of information that will support you as a parent in understanding your child’s learning potential.

This eBook by author Allison Borland unpacks the foundations of early learning and identifies strategies to support you and help you to teach your child the basics through a variety of learning experiences that school can’t.

Be your child’s success by giving your child the edge in life. Don’t let them struggle as they grow through their early years. Let them become advanced for their age.

A key highlight in Chapter 2 the Brain – engages the functions of a ‘child’s brain’ and how young children learn. Each chapter identifies key tips to support you along the way.

You will discover how to unleash their inner genius through parenting and play, throughout their day and tap into real-life learning and experiences making learning fun and creative.

The eBook has 7 guiding chapters from understanding generations to tangible learning today.

As an early childhood teacher, educator, mentor and presenter, my knowledge over the past 16 years has been my driving force.

Let me share my passion with you and develop the necessary strategies that will help your child learn in a supportive and fun way. You will discover ways that impact on how children learn.

During the first 5 years your child develops all the skills they need. These informative years are crucial for all areas of development.

The power of a child’s brain development as they are connecting with their world through the experiences they encounter have long lasting effects on their learning throughout their life. So Now is the time to take action that will last a lifetime.