Apr 28 2014

Young Learners Conference – Technology and Education

Technology and Education in Early Childhood Technology and Education

On the 1st- 3rd of April I attended the Young Learners Conference as chairperson and had the pleasure to introduce international guest speakers and key speakers relating to technology and education. The focus being technology in the early years. The breadth of expertise and knowledge that was shared was truly outstanding. So I thought I would share some key points for you that may give you some ideas and resources for technology and education that you could use effectively for young children whether you are a teacher or a parent. What was really interesting to learn was that although technology and education was the focus of what today’s early learners need that a balance is still the way we need to approach valuable learning concepts. If you have a look at the video it will give you an idea of where we are heading in the future! This video is helpful to view what technology and education is all about.

What Technology and Education Means for One School

One of the groups that presented were Bold Park Community School their philosophy is clear when you read the points that reflected their presentation about technology and education.
Technology as a lens to view the world.
Technology as a portal to obtain information.
Technology as a transformer, making abstract concrete.
Technology as a time machine, connecting to the past and to the future.
Technology as a companion to share discoveries.
Technology as an environment to enable learning
Technology as a transmitter to share and communicate with others
Technology as an open ended experience
So food for thought as we embrace the changes that technology and education offers!

What The Experts Presented In Regard To Technology and Education Technology and Education

Our international speakers were just excellent in positioning technology and education in an early childhood setting. Being able to have discussion with them, I was impressed that they all are passionate for the way children are developing with technology and the importance that technology and education play today. The data, the examples and the implementation of using digital devices to enhance children’s learning was really central to their work within their individual industries. Here are some links for you to follow up on these topics further, that way you will appreciate what we need to do to assist young children today in the technological world and embrace both technology and education as one.

Who’s Who in Providing Technology and Education Globally Technology and Education

The Experts
Warren Buckleitner – Children’s Technology Review
Michael Levine – Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Street Workshop
Rick Fernendes – The Fred Rodgers Centre for Early Learning and Children’s media
Kevin Honeycutt – Educational Technology Integration Evangelist (USA)
Tom Bonnick – Digital Project and Marketing Manager, Nosy Crow
Dr Kate Highfield – Macquarie University
Dr Kristy Goodwin – Every Chance to Learn
Karina Butler-  Ruyton’s Girls School
Ruth Callaghan – Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate
Dr Joanne Orlando University of Western Sydney
Rosalie O’Neale/ Matthew Dobson – Cybersafety Outreach ACMA
Judi Fallon- Alannah and Madeline Foundation
Nichola McLean / Joanna O’Brien- Platinum Preschool
Dr Jordy Kaufman- Swinburne Babylab
Daniel Donahoo –Researcher/Author
Gillian McAuliffe/ Rhys George – Bold Park Community School

Technology and Education Today is a Must

Can I leave you with a thought that children are expensive but an investment in our future, to set them up in life skills to improve not only the child but the economy and society, building successful citizens of the future, means including technology and education as one.

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